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Membership Benefits

The most important benefit you will receive from this site is exposure to our casting team. There is no faster way to get your face right in front of ours.

Other benefits include:


  • Before, after you waited at one of our open calls to register, we normally only considered you for that particular project. NOW, you will be considered for every single project requiring extras for the length of your membership! It's simple and it's easy!

  • Save money on gas.

  • Training to be the best extra on set you can be

  • Wardrobe tips

  • Union Regulations for Background Performers

  • What to expect as a Non Union Background performer.

  • Up to the minute information on any projects in town requiring extras.

  • General tips from our Casting Team.

  • You get to control your own profile instantly. If you want to change one of your photos, or add a special skill, it is all easily done from the comfort of your home.

  • Professional discounts from industry professionals.

  • And most importantly, how to have the best experience on set and have something to talk about the rest of your life! Being an extra is fun!

Once you are a member, you will have up to the minute access to everything that may be going on in town that we are working on. And now we will have easier access to you, given you more potential opportunities to possibly work!

We will teach you about Wardrobe, Rules and Regulations for extras, what to expect on set, and most importantly what not to do on set.

You will receive notice of everything we are working on. And, you will be considered for every background project for an entire year from the date you join.

Not just the one movie or project you were interested in, but all of them. You will be a member of the most elite group of extras this market offers! This is a great tool and you will have fun with this wonderful site!

A local television show produced a segment on us. Check it out.

Ready to begin and start your quest to Hollywood? Letís get started. Click here to register.

Part of the proceeds from this site will go to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation ( www.komenmd.org ) in memory of our friend, a young local film industry producer, Melissa Stanley Cohen.
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